3-D prism works on the principle of light reflection. The light from the phone screen to the prism is reflected to the observer’s eye exactly at the angle at which the light ray arrives. The reflected ray has a long path through the virtual image created by the image on the phone, so we can observe the image.

Working principle

The reason we see the image “standing” is because people make the prism so that the angle of incidence is 45 degrees, then the prism will create a virtual image according to the law of light reflection, the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence, so the will tilt 90 degrees. In fact, in terms of physics, the image created is only a 2D image, but because when we move, we can still see the surrounding image and the moving image, it will create a feeling like 3D.

Working principle of 3D prism.

When we humans see 3D pictures, we will have a sense of depth of those images. A common example is the 3D glasses, they work on the principle of tricking the brain. The 3D effect in stereo images or stereo films is the same in essence, they are both intended to send to the observer’s left and right eyes separately the two images corresponding to the left and right deviation of the object. statue.

The brain’s unconscious convolution will give the impression of sinking or floating of the object and creating a 3D scene in our mind, even though everything projected on the screen is still 2D.


With just a few pieces of transparent plastic from glass paper, tape, a pair of scissors, a piece of paper and a pen, you can make your own hologram glasses.

You need to draw on the paper an isosceles trapezoid with the size of the large bottom – the small bottom – the height is 6x1x3.5  and then use scissors to cut the transparent plastic piece according to the trapezoid above. Then you use the tape to stick the 4 pieces of plastic into the shape. like in the following video.

Video: Wouter Pieper.

So you’ve got yourself a handmade hologram glasses. Now just go to YouTube to find the Hologram video and put your prism in the center to enjoy the result!


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