5G networks are the fifth generation of mobile networks. With speeds 100 times faster than the previous generation of mobile networks, 4G, 5G opens the door to great growth for the world. Faster connection speeds, ultra-low latency, and greater bandwidth are the refined weapons of 5G, and they will transform industries and enhance everyday user experiences in a way. significantly.

Once all the components of the 5G network are deployed, you won’t need any wires or cables to deliver your communications and entertainment services to any of your mobile or fixed devices (HDTVs). , security systems, smart devices), or even your car.

Compared to 4G, in what way is 5G superior?

More storage, faster access

Imagine the Internet as a road. The current era is seeing an increase in the amount of data entering this road (an increase of about 60% per year as reported by Ericsson) leading to traffic jams or slow execution times. To solve this problem, 5G is designed to increase the width of the road, or in other words, increase the data capacity of the things we are still doing on the Internet, and those actions will happen quickly. than.

Connect more devices

4G is a giant leap forward, allowing anyone to stream music and video. But 5G is designed to connect a wider range of devices than smartphones. While 4G provides a suitable type of connection for phones, 4G is not optimized for the other size devices that are the advantage of 5G.

For a small battery-powered smartwatch, 5G can provide a connection that consumes very little power. For an industrial robot, 5G can provide an extremely stable and fast connection. This is extremely useful because in the future there will be more and more new types of devices, and each type requires connectivity with different levels of performance and characteristics.

5G possesses great improvements.

Connect more

Normally, 4G stations will send a signal so that devices can catch it, but this signal only covers an area around the device to be connected, making it difficult to handle multiple devices in the same location. This case can happen when we are using the phone to connect to the network in crowded places. In contrast, 5G stations can intelligently transmit signals to connected devices with higher accuracy, so network access will be easier, especially in the situation that the number of devices connected to the network increases by 25. % per year according to Ericsson research.


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