Prepare to be outraged as we uncover the shocking truth about Glen Hayes, a heartless individual from Gillingham who profited from the sale of sick animals during the festive season. Brace yourself for a gripping tale of justice as we delve into the courtroom drama surrounding his ten counts of animal offences.

The RSPCA’s Special Operations Unit, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police, launched a relentless investigation into Hayes’ activities after receiving distressing complaints from unsuspecting buyers who had purchased puppies from his address. What they uncovered at his property in Bexleyheath was nothing short of horrifying – 38 dogs and 18 cats living in deplorable, unsanitary conditions within makeshift pens and cages.

Prepare to have your heart broken as we reveal the heart-wrenching details. Among the breeds found were Newfoundlands, Dachshunds, French bulldogs, and Shih Tzus, but these innocent creatures were far from healthy. One Newfoundland puppy had deformed legs and couldn’t even walk, while others were covered in filth, mud, and feces on their matted coats.

But the cruelty didn’t stop there. Many dogs suffered from severe dental problems and had their tails cruelly docked. Infections in their eyes and ears due to accumulated hair and wax ran rampant. An independent veterinarian, who accompanied the inspection, described the conditions as some of the worst he had ever encountered.

Join us as we reveal the shocking tales of unsuspecting buyers who were duped into purchasing these ailing animals. Their concerns were silenced when they realized they were forbidden from exploring beyond the living room during their visits. Heartbreakingly, many of these beloved pets fell ill shortly after being welcomed into their new homes, and tragically, some didn’t survive.

With six previous complaints about Basset Hounds, Dachshunds, and a Boxer, the RSPCA was already onto Hayes’ malevolent schemes. Christmas Day brought devastating news as a Dachshund puppy succumbed to parvovirus. Upon arriving at the scene, Inspector Lamport was greeted by a revolting sight – everything was engulfed in filth and mud. The dogs were caked in grime, trapped in a damp and unclean environment. The cats fared no better, crammed together in tiny, inadequate pens.

The level of chaos within the house and garden was undeniable, but there was a stark contrast in the spotless and well-maintained living room, the only area potential buyers were allowed to see. While Mr. Hayes may have pretended to care for the animals, he turned a blind eye to their appalling conditions. Thankfully, our heroic efforts resulted in the rescue of these resilient cats and dogs, who now have a chance at a better and healthier life. Through the dedication of foster families, all of our furry friends have either found loving forever homes or are awaiting adoption.

Lisa Hens, an RSPCA specialist in dog welfare, expresses her sadness over the dishonest traders who take advantage of families’ desires to welcome a furry friend into their lives during the Christmas season. Instead of joy, many families were left grieving the loss of their new puppy. It is a tragic outcome that should have been preventable.

Justice has been served, but the scars remain. Hayes has been banned for life from owning animals and received a suspended prison sentence of 20 weeks, lasting for 18 months. In addition, he must complete 250 hours of community service and pay a fine of £3,500, along with a victim surcharge of £115.

Prepare to be outraged, inspired, and moved as we expose the dark underbelly of animal abuse and champion the tireless efforts of those who seek justice. Stand with us against cruelty and together, let’s create a world where every animal is treated with compassion and respect.

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