Lightning ball is said to be a rare phenomenon. It seems to hover in space and pose a danger to humans.

Lightning ball

This electric ball can appear at any time. It floats in the air and emits electric rays around. Show rockery has not been acknowledged for quite a long time. Scientists define it as an optical trick or hallucination. But gradually later on, it became a reality with many accidents witnessed by the American population.

It is natural that soil precursors such as silicon, iron and calcium also appear in claystone. This just shows that lightning is the product of interaction when lightning strikes down from the sky with the earth. The hypothesis was first raised more than 10 years ago, but only recently the results of spectral analysis have confirmed this point.

Lightning ball is thought to be the interaction product of lightning and the ground.

The danger of ball lightning

The properties of ball lightning are the most intriguing mystery to scientists. Unlike other electrical phenomena, it moves freely without being affected by well-conducting or insulating objects. Many people have claimed that they have seen these electric spheres pass through even supposedly very good insulators such as glass or composites. Up to now, there is no specific explanation for the properties of ball lightning.

The scariest thing about ball lightning is that before disappearing, they have the ability to explode and cause casualties to people as well as buildings. There have been many deaths from exploding ball lightning recorded many years ago. There have been two cowboys when they met the lightning ball, curious and kicked it, the ball exploded with a shrill hiss, the two boys were lucky to save their lives while 11 out of 12 The cows in the herd died instantly.

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