Scientists with ever-evolving technology have explained the beginning of time and the mysteries of gravity that no one had thought of before.

What creates gravity?

Gravity is actually made up of quantum particles called “Gravition”. Wherever gravity appears, there will be “Gravition”, on Earth, the solar system or even the newborn universe. If “Graviton” is everywhere, why couldn’t we have spotted them sooner? Unfortunately, a single “Graviton” is too difficult to detect, so there are no specific images of them yet.

Illustration: Gravity is made up of Graviton particles.

Scientists have drawn swirls in twisted light models known as “b-modes” that show how the universe has formed since the Big Bang. They are the basis for scientists to provide the first direct evidence for the explosion that gave birth to our universe, and the strongest evidence we have ever had to say that gravity is in fact controlled created from small quantum particles “Graviton”.

The speed of gravity

If the Sun suddenly disappeared, how long would it take for humans to feel it? The Earth and other planets in the Solar System will darken and fall out of orbit. So does it happen at the exact time that the sun disappears?

Điều gì sẽ xảy ra nếu Mặt Trời đột ngột biến mất ?

The answer is no! There exists something called “The speed of gravitational waves.” Einstein’s general theory of relativity states that the speed of gravitational waves is exactly the same as the speed of light in a vacuum. This is not a coincidence. In modern physics, all massless matter travels at the speed of light in a vacuum and of course gravitational waves are no exception.

So by the time the Sun disappears, it will stop producing light and gravity. Both elements will travel to earth at the speed of light in a vacuum of about 300 million m/s . Earth is located about 150 billion meters from the sun, so it takes about 8 and a half minutes for light and gravity from the sun to reach the earth.

This means that the sky of the earth will not darken and the earth will not leave orbit until eight and a half minutes after the sun has disappeared. Similarly, the center of our galaxy is 27,000 light-years from Earth, so if the galactic center suddenly disappears, we won’t feel the gravitational effect until 27,000 years later.


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