It sounds like Payday, a little brown dog with a unique underbite, had some difficulties finding a home when he was surrendered to the Wisconsin Humane Society. The woman who surrendered him claimed that she took him in as a stray, but he wasn’t a good fit for her family. Payday struggled to adapt to his new surroundings at the shelter, showing both energy and wariness towards new people and circumstances.

The media coordinator at the shelter felt that giving Payday some attention might help him find a loving owner who could help him overcome his behavioral issues. Shortly after Payday was featured on FOX6 News Milwaukee’s Adopt-A-Pet segment, they received a call from a viewer named Dwight. Dwight recognized Payday instantly after seeing his photo.

Payday had gone missing two years ago after escaping during a nighttime walk. He had been adopted as a present for Dwight’s then-10-year-old daughter, and she missed him dearly. Dwight’s mother, Melissa, hurried over to the shelter to pick up Payday, and the small dog’s entire mood transformed as soon as he saw her familiar face. It was a happy reunion for them.

Payday has been warmly greeted by the family, with relatives dropping by to see him. The article mentions that reuniting abandoned animals with their families is an important aspect of the Wisconsin Humane Society’s mission, and they consider it a special moment every time they are able to connect an animal with its family.

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