Global warming causes the polar ice to melt and the life of polar bears is also seriously threatened.

Recently, a new study in the Journal of Animal Ecology of the British Ecological Society shows that recently due to climate change, only stout and well-built polar bears can survive the cold weather. this period.

Rising temperatures on Earth make hunting for bears difficult. Most animals will hunt to stock up on food during the warm months to get through the long cold winters. But polar bears in Canada’s Hudson Bay region don’t: their best food source is arctic seals, so they can only hunt during the coldest winter months. This is detrimental to the species as a whole.

Rising global temperatures make it difficult for polar bears to hunt.

The ice melts faster, the temperature increases, so the cycle of the seasons also changes. So the bears have less time to hunt than before. Since 1991, the team has tracked a series of more than a hundred bears by fixing them with a collar. As a result, their hunting time is actually getting shorter and shorter. Therefore, only the stout and fittest bears can survive this shorter hunting season.

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