This following picture was snapped by NASA’s own space probe and as you can tell right off the bat it showcases what appears to be huge herds of extra-terrestrial animals just running around the barren fields of Mars.

Many experts including Neal Evans have stated on multiple occasions that life could be sustained on Mars after all and that these farms could be the result of either human interference with the Red Planet’s ecosystem or it could be the leftovers of an ancient technologically advanced civilization.

According to him, this ancient civilization was most likely taken out for a while now, most likely either by another alien civilization that nuked their whole civilization, forcing them to reemerge as the unintelligent beings that we see in the picture right here or they could have taken themselves out as a result of an unwanted nuclear fallout on their own planet.

Evans has captured multiple pictures that showcase clear water lines, lakes, and vegetation from NASA’s probe pictures and as you can see right off the bat it appears as though they’ve been lying to us all along

The pictures that showcase these sterile landscapes also prove the fact that Mars might not be as different from our own planet as we thought it to be.

Mars’ atmosphere was destroyed billions of years ago by powerful solar storms according to the US Space Agency but this appears to have been a lie if we are to take these pictures as absolute proof.

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