NASA’s Curiosity Rover has made yet another undisclosed discovery not too long ago as many believe it to be just another puzzle piece that is needed to solve the mystery that is the Red Planet.

You can find the following picture on NASA’s official website just so you know that it isn’t edited or anything like that.

Although it may seem a bit hard to spot at first from a distance, it appears like a strange alien specimen can be seen over here on this rock.

Many believe that it is just another rock on top of that rock but there are definitely a lot of experts out there claiming otherwise.

As you can see, the creature appears to look like a crab from our planet but upon closer inspection, it appears to have tentacles coming out of it as opposed to the claws that the crabs on Earth have.

Some even stated that the rock in itself seems to stand out which might be proof of the fact that it is not a rock formation after all. Could this just be a clever ploy by the alien to attract a potential victim to the small crab-like being only for it to reveal itself as a larger specimen?

Many believe so, although there are definitely people having doubts, to say the least. Do you think this is proof of alien life after all or could this all just be a misunderstanding?

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