Area 51 is one of the biggest mysteries in ufology, however, it seems that this is not the only facility that keeps secrets in the world. What is China hiding?

According to different researchers, China also has a base that could house high-ranking secrets, such as Area 51 . The base was discovered thanks to the Google Earth tool.

Area 51 in China

Scott C. Waring, the coɴтʀovᴇʀsιᴀʟ researcher released images of what may be a secret Chinese military base. The location is in the desert on the border with Mongolia , in Gansu province.

The researcher ᴀssures that, within the pH๏τographs shown by Google satellites, a ship can be seen. This one has no wings and is completely black , which would make it a secret project.

It is possible that it is a surveillance vehicle . Due to its size, it could also be a manned ship or a large drone. According to Waring’s estimates, it would be around 10 meters long.

The video was published on the channel ET Data Base, specialized in the UFO phenomenon , where he explained the following:

“I think I found a military base in China that seems to be the equivalent of Area 51. And even more, I found a secret aircraft that I have never seen before.

You can see a lot of military jets, planes that look like bombers, there are battle jets everywhere. But that is not the important thing, the important thing is the place where an underground area is located. What we see is an underground bunker surrounded by hangar doors.”

Are they working with alien technology?

In the area, thanks to the advantages provided by the Google application, you can see the entrance to a base similar to Area 51. In addition, you can see the ship in the shape of a bird and then a ship with a diameter of more than 11 meters. .

The coordinates to be searched in Google Earth are the following: 40°25’43.88″N 99°50’47.40″E.

It is no secret to anyone that, like other powers, the exponential growth of Chinese technology is gigantic. Is it possible that this comes from reverse engineering in a facility like Area 51?

Not surprisingly, China, one of the greatest powers on the planet and currently rivaling the United States, also has a secret base that it uses to house alien technology.

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