This is most likely the finest and most exciting UFO sighting ever caught on film. The fisherman and his crew were most likely at the right position at the right moment.

The footage, which was shot by Spanish fisherman, was initially shared on the internet around ten years ago. In the footage, a UFO is seen eluding military planes as it dives into the water.

UFO Caught on Camera by Spanish Fisherman: Facts - Hoax Or Fact

This UFO sighting became legendary in the world of government cover-ups. This time, instead of the US, the focus will be on the Spanish government.

In reality, the Spanish Air Force was involved, and as can be seen, they are following this enigmatic object with zeal. Until the item has had enough of playing and dives into the sea, right in front of the fisherman.

Fishermen filmed a UFO escaping military aircraft by diving into the ocean - Journal News

A Galician fisherman has chosen to tell the world about what he claims he saw while on his boat.

While military jets chase a “foreign object” that crashes into the water and makes a dramatic plunge, a helicopter of unknown origin flies over the boat and instructs the fishermen to hurry up and leave.

The Case for Aliens Living in the Ocean - Broke-Ass Stuart's Website

“I’m posting this video after much thought, but I feel it’s my job to disclose that this happened with no explanation,” the video’s creator adds.


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