A mysterious base discovered in Antarctica by Conspiracy Depot cannot be identified, the closest national base is 200 miles away, and belongs to Norway.

Moreover, Google Earth has covered with a black spot a relatively large object that emits a blue glow, the size of the blackish spot is 147 x 72 feet. The dimensions of other objects are 360 x 33 feet and 262 x 26 feet. Google Earth Pro gives you the opportunity to see older images, this was taken advantage of by a Youtuber, Florida Maquis, who uploaded a video showing what was at that location in 2013.

What you see in video 2 is quite shocking, and makes me wonder if this has anything to do with missing children, the homeless and those trying to expose the truth? Maybe it’s connected to Admiral Richard E. Byrd and Operation Highjump, Operation Deep Freeze? Coordinates for the unknown base: 75 ° 0’46.98 “S 0 ° 4’52.71” E

VIDEO 1 – images from 2018

Video 2 – images from 2013

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