National Geographic is launching a new documentary to honor the 50th anniversary of man’s first landing on the Moon. Tom Jennings, the film’s director, has a lot of people excited about it. With amazing photos and intimate knowledge of the tragedy, this documentary will be narrated in the first person.

The video will feature photographs taken by astronauts during the Apollo mission. At the same time, it will address a variety of issues about the Moon, including why NASA has not returned to it. According to a new video, the Moon is inhabited by extraterrestrials, which is precisely what prompted the Americans to cancel their Moon mission.

National Geographic is extensively promoting the film. The Apollo missions are still riddled with unanswered questions. When the astronauts got on the Moon, did they find anything unusual? The images show a variety of manmade buildings, which might imply that there is life on the Moon.

Is this video going to offer new light on what happened on the Apollo missions? Is it possible that aliens have taken up residence on the Moon?

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