According to scientists, there are more than 30 extraterrestrial civilizations on other worlds with which humanity may speak.

According to a research conducted by a group of specialists from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, our galaxy has 36 alien civilizations. The investigation’s findings were published in the Astrophysical Journal.

The researchers, lead by astrophysics professor Christopher Conselice, came at this conclusion because they think intelligent life exists on other planets in the same manner it does on Earth. “Our findings show that searching for alien intelligent civilizations not only reveals knowledge about how life is formed, but also gives us indications about how long our civilization will persist,” Conselice said.

Professor Conselice says, “Our new research suggests that searches for alien intelligent civilizations not only disclose the existence of how life forms, but also give indicators of how long our own civilization will persist.”

“Finding intelligent life in our Galaxy would be a positive sign for our own long-term survival; conversely, finding no active civilizations in our Galaxy would be a terrible omen for our own long-term survival.” Even if we find nothing, we are determining our own fate and future by searching for alien intelligent life.”

The “Copernican principle,” which is based on a philosophical theory used in astronomy and posits that the Earth is not the only planet in the Universe where life may exist, was the starting point for astronomers.

Scientists also employed the Drake equation, which takes into account seven prerequisites for the emergence of intelligent life on another planet, including the star and a planet surrounding it with suitable circumstances for life.

Based on mathematical calculations, scientists estimate that there are around 36 technologically advanced civilizations in the Milky Way.

The researchers also took into account the fact that developing sentient life on other planets would take at least 5 billion years, or about the same amount of time as it would on Earth.

As a result, astrophysicists believe our galaxy should include at least a few dozen functional intelligent civilizations.

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