According to UFO research, there are alien bases on the Moon. Since the start of the space era and the Apollo missions, many confirmations of alien bases have been established.

Images taken by astronauts on Apollo missions make up the majority of this data, but there are also photographs obtained by other military satellites. Astronauts from the Apollo missions, as well as high-ranking US military officers, have testified.

Milton William Cooper, a former US Air Force secret service officer and writer, testified under oath in 1989 that the US government is aware of the Moon colonies.

Cooper asserts that these basses were photographed by Apollo astronauts and that they are home to massive space ships. He went on to say that astronauts had seen massive machinery moving around these structures.

The Apollo 25 mission captured a shot of a massive spacecraft near Delport Crater. Later, Apollo 20 flew over the site and photographed the spaceship as it touched down.

Cooper was assassinated by Sheriff’s Office operatives in 2001 after getting too close to the truth while searching for it. His Arizona home was taken due to a tax evasion accusation. According to the official incident report, Cooper was the first to fire. Yes, if you go too close to the Cabal’s plans, you’ll be killed.

Many ufologists believe NASA possesses photographs of alien settlements on the Moon. Scott C. Waring, a well-known ufologist, asserts that there is a network of lunar alien colonies on the Moon’s far side. He adds that while this looks to be absurd, it is true, and that military satellites have confirmed it.

Clementine, a satellite launched by the US Navy in 1994, was designed to photograph the Moon for two months in a row. Only 170,000 of the 1.8 million photos taken by Clementine of the Moon have been made public. The rest of the items have been labeled. Images of craters on the Moon that have been classified!?

A remote viewer named Ingo Swann (1933-2013) produced one of the most compelling evidences that alien life exists on the Moon’s dark side. Ingo Swann aided the US government in initiating the remote monitoring program in 1970.

In a remote view of Jupiter in 1973, Swann reported rings around Jupiter, and Voyager 1 documented rings around Jupiter in 1979. Swann and another remote viewer, Axelrod, completed a few sessions of remote viewing the dark side of the moon, and they discovered a few alien outposts.

Swann used his distant vision to visualize the Moon at pre-determined coordinates under the direction of Axelrod, according to Gary S. Bekkum, a journalist at American Chronicle magazine. They investigated a dozen different places and immediately determined that some of them were alien outposts. Large wheels and machinery, such as tractors, have been discovered by Swann.

Swann was originally bewildered by what he had observed, but he quickly realized he had watched construction activities. Swann claims that he was once approached by two alien humanoids who asked if he was in danger!

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