On the Internet, a fascinating film shot by a professional astronomer has surfaced. What exactly is the big deal? The camera lens, which had just taken a high-resolution photo of the moon, suddenly picks up these strange objects, sometimes known as UFOs. When most people see these things, they instinctively think of alien ships, yet they might be anything.

As a consequence, in the comments section of this video, some internet users hypothesized that the weird objects are neither satellites nor space junk. It also looks to be quite convincing.

Because the author is a seasoned astronomer and ufologist, he would never publish a film on the Internet unless he knew it was genuine. Satellites, he believes, do not travel as swiftly as space junk, which travels in a triangle manner (watch the video below). It doesn’t appear to be birds, either. After all, it may turn out to be an anomaly, a riddle, or a tiny miracle.

And, while any miracle, as the savants say, is nothing more than an unconscious reality, explaining these strange objects against the backdrop of the Moon in this case will be extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible. Do you, in addition, have a strong enough point of view that no one can refute? Let all out!


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