Drought has caused a river in Texas to dry up, revealing the footprints of dinosaurs that lived 113 million years ago.

Dinosaur footprints have just been discovered in Glen Rose, Texas (USA) when a severe drought caused the Paluxy River to drop to a record low. This is the river that flows through Dinosaur Valley Park in southwestern Dallas.

According to AFP, this is “one of the longest dinosaur footprints in the world” to date. The recorded image shows that many three-toed foot prints lead down to the dry river bed, forming a long trail. These traces date back to about 113 million years.

Dinosaur footprints discovered in the US.

“Due to extreme weather conditions this past summer, the river has dried up, revealing things that have never been discovered before,” said Stephanie Salinas Garcia, Dinosaur Valley Park Representative in Glen, Rose share.

According to Stephanie, under normal conditions before, these traces were difficult to detect because they were submerged deep under the water and buried by thick layers of sediment.

With these traces, the team of experts said, it is possible that this is an Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur that weighs nearly 7 tons and is 4.5 meters tall when it is an adult. This species is a long-legged, Cretaceous dinosaur discovered in North America so far.

River in Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Earlier also at this park, another dinosaur that once left footprints was Sauroposidon with a height of 20m, weighing about 44 tons. Their tracks were also discovered in the river bed.

The new finds have attracted visitors from across the United States to flock here to admire the “once in a lifetime” spectacle. Because in the context of Texas is appearing a lot of rain again. This means that important tracks can once again be covered with water and mud.

“Although they will soon be buried in rain and river water, the experts of Dinosaur Valley Park will continue to protect these 113 million-year-old remains, not only for the present but also for future generations future,” said Stephanie.

Dinosaur Valley Park is located southwest of Dallas, once on the edge of an ancient ocean. According to the park’s official website, some dinosaurs left their footprints in the mud here.

Dinosaur footprints exposed in a shallow river in the US are one of the new discoveries in a drought that is happening globally. Earlier, in eastern Serbia, dozens of German warships from World War II were discovered lying on the dry Danube River.

Then, the record-dry Valdecanas lake in Spain revealed a prehistoric stone circle called the Spanish Stonehenge. In China, the country’s longest river is also drying up, revealing 600-year-old Buddhist statues.

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