Meta has proposed that the Metaverse fantasy universe will allow people to participate in educational, work and social activities. But what is the metaverse really and will it be the focus of our daily lives? If the concept is new to you, this article can help you better understand the metaverse and what to expect from a metaverse.

A virtual world

This is the most important feature of the metaverse. You can explore it with your computer, game console, mobile device, wearable technology or other device, and can  experience 3D graphics and sound on the go. This makes you feel more in the metaverse and can see your presence in the everyday world fade away.

Virtual reality

You will need a virtual reality headset for this. The idea here is that you become immersed in the virtual world, so you feel even more real — at least until you stumble across something left over from the everyday world, like a coffee table.

The others

The metaverse is social, and that’s because there’s a lot of other people out there, shown  as their avatars. Some of these avatars can be bots, virtual agents, and manifestations of artificial intelligence. You can hang out with other people or even do things together. The social aspect is likely to be central to the metaverse as its history continues from Facebook as a social networking site.

Metaverse creates a fantasy universe that helps us interact with each other like in real life.

Some researchers believe that communication in the metaverse can be as natural as it is in real life. For example, you can use eye contact to show who you are addressing (your avatar can turn its head to look at someone else). Your avatar can also walk over and sit next to someone else’s avatar to start a conversation.


This means that the virtual world is always available whenever you want to visit it. You can change it by adding new virtual buildings or other objects, and importantly, the changes are preserved the next time you visit. You can reside and own a bit of it. Metaverse will rely on your own content — your digital creations and personal stories — in the same way social media does today.

Connect with the real world

Some metaverse predictions suggest that the virtual things in the virtual world actually represent the real things in the real world. For example, you can fly a virtual drone in the metaverse to control an actual drone in the real world. Then people will talk about real and virtual as “digital twins”.


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